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Estate / Moving Sale Services

Whether it’s due to an unfortunate passing of a loved one, settling an Estate, or the sale of a home. Estate sales can be a tremendous task to take on, and at times can often be very over whelming for a homeowner, or family to take care of.

For when you simply don’t have the time, or resources to conduct an Estate / Moving Sale.
We are here to help! We work with hundreds of people to make things go smoothly and to raise as much money for you as possible through our sales. Let our experts help you earn top dollar for your items.

Abeling Enterprises will:

  * Consulting with homeowners, family, or executors prior to the sale
  * Research and set prices
  * Sort and organize merchandise
  * Price sale items
  * Display merchandise attractively
  * Handle all Advertising for the sale
  * Conduct the sale
  * Post-sale clean-up

Consulting with homeowner, family, or executors prior to sale:
The client and Abeling Enterprises will determine sale prices on items. We often determine prices for special items with our clients. We will try to honor all requests, within reason depending on items. Abeling Enterprises will get the best price possible, but we do need room to negotiate if need be. In our estate sales we have prices on all major items. Since, our fee is based on the total sale, it is to our advantage to sell your items at the highest possible price.

When Abeling Enterprises is contracted to sell an estate of personal property such as furniture, china, antiques, books, pictures, collectibles, vehicles, motor homes, boats, etc.... We appraise items at a fair market value & take into consideration the condition of item(s) being sold as well.

Sorting and Organizing Merchandise:
We will organize the items being sold so related items are together in the same section. Items will be displayed in an effort to create sales and sales people are stationed throughout the home to help with sales effort and security purposes.

Advertising the sale:
Abeling Enterprises will advertise the sale in one or two local newspapers. Notify by email & internet advertising as well as provide and post signs.

Conducting the sale:
Sales are typically conducted Saturday & Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Days and times can be flexible.

Post-sale Clean-up:
When we leave your property after the sale, all items not sold will be neatly arranged and the house will be left broom clean. Our service is often requested by real estate agents because we leave the house clean and tidy for sale. Agents also enjoy our sales because people will see the house during the estate sale and inquire about the home itself! Often the house is sold during the estate sale.

Our fee is a percentage of the total sale. Percentage will vary depending on Quality, Quantity, & Condition of items scheduled for sale. Percentage typically ranges from 35% - 50% and will be determined upon inspection of the home by Abeling Enterprises and client.

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